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So, after Christmas, I jump in my truck and go for it. Now, I am not gonna lie, I have been through a couple of times over the years, checking out a different part each trip. If you have ever driven to Las Vegas on Interstate 15, then no doubt you have stopped in or rolled by the small town of Baker, known as the Gateway to Death Valley.

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There are more and more new places opening, like Alien Fresh Jerky, but gas and food is the most there is to see. Located just south of Tecopa, the road to the farm winds down through desert cliffs for about a mile before a lush, green oasis appears out of nowhere.

Rhyolite - Spooky Death Valley Ghost Town

Open every day from 9 a. It also has an excellent variety of dates, including their own hybrid varieties that are some of the best I have ever eaten.

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There is a museum and store full of handmade gifts as well as date shakes, muffins, date bread and cookies that are all made fresh daily. This place blows me away. I am looking forward to visiting again real soon. Leaving China Ranch behind, I drive through Tecopa, a small desert community known for its hot springs. There are no motorist services in town.

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Head to the snow in Big Bear and Lake Arrowhead. My next stop is Shoshone, a classic desert crossroads on the southern edge of the park. It is my new favorite desert town, for now. There is the Crowbar Cafe and Saloon that is a great place for homemade breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Discover the Eerie Ghost Towns of Death Valley

The Shoshone Museum next door is very well done and the folks who run it are the nicest people that know all about the area. This is a last chance for gas for about 50 miles until you reach the Furnace Creek area — or 27 miles east in Pahrump where you can find fuel, several hotels and a couple casinos.

An actress, dancer and artist, Marta painted all the murals in the rooms and opera house, and performed on stage for the past 40 years. Here, you can pay your park fee and talk to a ranger, get maps, books and gifts, and learn about the history of the area.

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Death Valley is home to many ghost towns, mountain ranges, abandoned mines, sand dunes, craters and some of the most beautiful desert vistas you will ever experience. This is a must stop for all visitors to get the most up-to-date conditions of the park.

Harrisburg Originally this town was to named Harrisberry after the two men who found the gold that launched it in Shorty Harris later took credit for the strike and changed the name of the town to Harrisburg after himself. Nevertheless, Pete Aguereberry , one of the original strike finders, spent 40 years working his claims in the Eureka gold mine.

Harrisburg was a tent city that grew to a population of Leadfield Copper and lead claims had been filed in the area as early as but it wasn't until that the area was heavily mined. In February, Charles Julian, the flamboyant promoter became president of the town's leading mining company, the Western Lead Mines. Julian's promotions were responsible for bringing great numbers of people into the area and in April, the town was laid out.

Death Valley Ghost Towns - Death Valley National Park (U.S. National Park Service)

Two things contributed to the demise of the town in One was the financial downfall of Charles Julian and the other was the playing-out of lead ore. Panamint City It was called the toughest, rawest, most hard-boiled little hell hole that ever passed for a civilized town. Its founders were outlaws who when hiding from the law, found silver in Surprise Canyon in and gave up their life of crime. In the town was in the height of its boom with a population of 2, By the fall of the boom was over and in a flash flood destroyed most of the town.

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Rhyolite This was the biggest town in the Death Valley area boasting a population between 5,, people. During its heyday from it contained 2 churches, 50 saloons, 18 stores, 2 undertakers, 19 lodging houses, 8 doctors, 2 dentists, a stock exchange and an opera. Skidoo This town was founded in by two prospectors on their way to the strike at Harrisburg.

They camped in the fog and when the sun came out the next morning they awoke to a ledge of gold.

Death Valley Ghost Towns Death Valley Ghost Towns
Death Valley Ghost Towns Death Valley Ghost Towns
Death Valley Ghost Towns Death Valley Ghost Towns
Death Valley Ghost Towns Death Valley Ghost Towns
Death Valley Ghost Towns Death Valley Ghost Towns
Death Valley Ghost Towns Death Valley Ghost Towns

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