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Mystery and detective television programs. Television programs] I. CD38 Although plans for the revival are detailed in the ninth section of this study see the chapter titled "More Columbos" , the focus of The Columbo Phile' is the character's ten-year stint at NBC —78 —two TV movies and 43 episodes. Murder Case" You really are. You're the most persistent creature I ever met, but likable.

The astonishing thing is you're likable. You're a sly little elf. He is so curious. I think he's unaware of just how good he is. These little problems are so interesting and bother-some to him, he doesn't know he forgot to shave that morning.

He's a genuine eccentric. They come along very rarely.

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I could never figure those things out. That part is me. I can be stubborn. That part is me, too. But I have no great detective powers like Columbo. I'm not good at solving mysteries or puzzles. I mean, Columbo. Who has a mind that sharp? Maybe Sherlock Holmes is that clever.

It's a photo finish. I asked him what he thought about my idea for a study of Columbo, the series he and William Link created. He said, "Go to it. I'd love to have a book like that so my grandchildren can see what I did. Nobody opened more doors. He unselfishly gave his time and advice. I interviewed him three times, more than anyone else for this book, and his is a constant voice throughout these pages.

A week after I actually started writing, Dick Levinson died of a heart attack. He wanted to see this book happen. The day after his death, Bill Link said, "You have to finish it.

Fischer, a genial contributor with valuable insights and an infectious enthusiasm. Special thanks to Patrick McGoohan, who agreed to be interviewed under especially trying circumstances—the closing of his Broadway show Pack of Lies.

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He started out by saying, "I don't know what I can tell you. For his thoughtful observations about Columbo's past and future, my gratitude goes to Richard Alan Simmons. And thanks to Sara for remaining patient and supportive, for reading what was written, for copying credits and making corrections, for understanding and for reminding me to get back to work. Foreword Now I know what it feels like to be one of the murder victims on Columbo—stretched out on an autopsy table with an expert going over you piece by piece. Mark Dawidziak has done a first-rate job dissecting the whole Columbo series, not only the lieutenant himself but every character, clue, guest star, you name it.

After reading his hook I really think he knows more about the damn show than I do.

Judith Cook

And one more thing—there isn't one more thing you need to know about Columbo after you have read Mark's fascinating book. I really hope you like it as much as I do. Got some in mind? Okay, now where did they start their careers?

No, not the cities and countries. Name the medium, my friend, the medium. Whoever came to mind, chances are that he or she began sniffing out clues between the covers of a clothbound volume. This is really no contest at all. Even Nigel Bruce's bumbling Dr. Watson could figure it out. Literature has been the primary breeding ground for inquiring minds and private eyes.

Books have given us the longest and most distinguished list of brilliant investigators—from Edgar Allan Poe's C. Auguste Dupin to P. Most of these super-sleuths jumped from the printed page to enjoy great successes in films and television. They are the snooping elite, and each's enduring popularity is a matter of chemistry. It's a brilliant by-product manufactured by the explosive reaction that occurs when a fascinating character is mixed with an ingenious mystery. Commercial television has spawned only one character worthy of raising a magnifying glass in this celebrated company of clever cops and clue-chasers.

Hercule Poirot might turn up his nose at the very suggestion.

See a Problem?

Sherlock Holmes would think him a bourgeois clod. But go ahead and underestimate Lieutenant Columbo. That little mistake tripped up forty-eight murderers in ten years. The brainchild of writers Richard Levinson and William Link, Columbo was both innovative television and classic mystery. Like most of the notable fictional detectives already mentioned, the good lieutenant is a hit eccentric and intriguingly elusive.

Almost anyone can tell you the surface characteristics. It seems as if we all know the sloppy little guy. Try to get past the outward appearance, though, and you discover that he's a marvelous example of less being more. We immediately recognize the familiar trademarks: the wrinkled suit, the cigar, the rumpled raincoat, the three-day stubble, the asthmatic car, the humble demeanor.

The voice and the mannerisms have become part of our pop-culture consciousness. Impressions of Columbo—usually bad ones—crop up at parties and in nightclub acts. It's almost as easy as Stan Laurel or Groucho Marx. Try it. Slouch a little. That's right. Pick up the nearest pencil or pen and brandish it like a cigar.

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Good, good. Now say, "There's just one thing bothering me about this. His one more question is a signature as well-kenned as, "Elementary, my dear Watson" or, for you purists, "The game is afoot". We instantly latch on to these identifiable items. Yet how much do we really know about Columbo? We never see his wife. We never see him at home.

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We rarely see him at the office. We get only tantalizing hints about his personal life. From the start, Levinson and Link decreed that Columbo himself would remain a somewhat mysterious figure. And that is one of the reasons he is so fascinating.

Dr Dirtys Casebook Dr Dirtys Casebook
Dr Dirtys Casebook Dr Dirtys Casebook
Dr Dirtys Casebook Dr Dirtys Casebook
Dr Dirtys Casebook Dr Dirtys Casebook
Dr Dirtys Casebook Dr Dirtys Casebook
Dr Dirtys Casebook Dr Dirtys Casebook
Dr Dirtys Casebook Dr Dirtys Casebook

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