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Taylor left , Kern, and his daughter, Amanda Lehman. Caters News Agency. Taylor left and Amanda Lehman. Kern, Taylor center and Amanda Lehman. Taylor and Kern Lehman. Taylor and Amanda Lehman.


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Share Selection. Now On Now on Page Six. Video length 2 minutes 5 seconds Berlin Wall 30th anniversary: A timeline of division. Popular Shopping. The guy who used to sit in your kitchen smoking fags and telling your mother how much of a legend your dad was the time they went to Lanzarote, but he can still beat him at arm wrestling. We all know him, or bits of him, and I think that's why I wrote the song.

What's weird is, people tell me they can identify someone exactly like that. I'm not sure they can though. I suspect they only see glimpses of someone they recognise. The odds of them actually knowing someone who would rather fry an egg on a Travelodge iron than have dinner with his wife and her son are probably slim.


Things You Can Relate To When Your Dad Is Your Best Friend

This hasn't stopped people commenting on my song. I've been told that it is a withering portrait of narcissistic self-deception by a man who so thoroughly believes his own lies that his impending existentialist crisis, brought on by post-recession financial devastation and ever diminishing youth, will only force him further down the path of increasingly aggressive assertion of his self worth.

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But you could say that kind of thing about any song. The song doesn't really have any deeper meanings. It taps a vein though. Maybe one between the toes, and that's why he wears golf socks with sandals. It's hard to write at length about your own work without sounding like a flute, so I'll leave you with the sage words of Wayne Fogarty: "It's a good song, but it's no Champagne Supernova. Watch Marc Lucero here. Warning: strong language in this clip.

A lot of my material concerns technology and the constant development of this web-dependent world we live in. I thrive on the contradictions and ridiculousness that are all around us. When Mark Zuckerberg developed Facebook, did he envisage it would become a marketing tool for meat products?

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Do meat companies really believe that sales will increase dramatically, now they have a Facebook presence? I for one have never been tempted, despite being a keen consumer of sausages, to send a friend request to the meat company, the same way I'm not going to follow gravy on Twitter. I try to put two ideas together, perhaps one technological and one a world event or situation.

Past gags have included: "I still maintain that Osama Bin Laden was traced by his ATM withdrawals after the US froze his assets and his bank would only let him have a cash card. In the early days of the internet, when online grocery shopping became the norm, I had a routine about one supermarket having the ability to email customers cheese. People would come up after a show and comment that the rest of the circuit was talking about internet porn and I was going on about emailing cheese.

I believe you have to look for a different funny: everyone is going to go on about popular TV programmes or celebrities, and we as alternative comedians are supposed to provide an alternative topic or point of view. Some words are funnier than others.

Prince George’s teacher is engaged to marry his dad’s best friend Thomas van Straubenzee

In a piece about his aunt, he talked about having to give her a lift to Folkestone; Deal would not have been funny. I try to apply this rule and can remember doing so since childhood. I've got a routine about upmarket health food shops having security guards on their door. One bouncer radios the other that he needs back up after a disturbance in chives — marjoram, pepper or star anise wouldn't have worked in the gag. One reviewer said I have an inalienable skill with language. I had to look up inalienable in the dictionary. It's about me searching for my mother and going to southern California.

Things didn't go well, and on the way to receive some bad news, I got mugged for some digestive biscuits I'd bought as a gift en route. On hearing the bad news I couldn't stop thinking about the biscuits. Watch Tony Law here.

Prince George’s teacher is engaged to marry his dad’s best friend Thomas van Straubenzee – The Sun

My elephant routine started from arriving at a new material night with nothing prepared. So when panic set in a minute before I went on, I decided to go for the walk-into-a-bar type angle.

The Rubberbandits, Sonny

I did tigers and lions and they had a good old chat about life and bars.

His Dads Best Friend His Dads Best Friend
His Dads Best Friend His Dads Best Friend
His Dads Best Friend His Dads Best Friend
His Dads Best Friend His Dads Best Friend
His Dads Best Friend His Dads Best Friend

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