Joy Upon Thy Bright Cheek Dances

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They were all fair, and light as dreams; anon The dance broke off; and sailing through the air, Some one way, and some other, they did each Alight upon some waving branch, or flower, That garlanded the rocks upon the shore. One, chiefly, did I mark, one tiny sprite, Who crept into an orange flower-bell, And there lay nestling, whilst his eager lips Drank from its virgin chalice the night dew, That glistened, like a pearl, in its white bosom.

Farewell, old playmate! I pray thee, old companion, make due mourn For the wild spirit who so oft has stood Gazing in love and wonder on thy flood. The form is now departing far away, That half in anger oft, and half in play, Thou hast pursued with thy white showers of foam. Thy waters daily will besiege the home I loved among the rocks; but there will be No laughing cry, to hail thy victory, Such as was wont to greet thee, when I fled, With hurried footsteps, and averted head, Like fallen monarch, from my venturous stand, Chased by thy billows far along the sand.

And when at eventide thy warm waves drink The amber clouds that in their bosom sink; When sober twilight over thee has spread Her purple pall, when the glad day is dead p. Away, away! Away, away, bear me away, away, Into the fountains of eternal light, Ye rosy clouds!

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The speaker was an aged villager, In whom his oft-told tale awoke no fears, Such as he filled his gaping listeners with. Lo, where she comes! Now smile the heavens again upon the earth, Bright hill, and bosky dell, resound with mirth, And voices, full of laughter and wild glee, Shout through the air pregnant with harmony; And wake poor sobbing Echo, who replies With sleepy voice, that softly, slowly dies. I would I knew the lady of thy heart! I bear no part. When in the world of dreams thy spirit strays, Seeking, in vain, the peace it finds not here, Thou shalt be led back to thine early days Of life and love, and I will meet thee there.

Spirit of all sweet sounds! Thou southern wind! Ye laughing elves! Or when, in sad and contemplative mood, Thy feet explore the leafy-paven wood: I would my soul might reason then with thine, Upon those themes most solemn and most strange, Which every falling leaf and fading flower, Whisper unto us with a voice divine; Filling the brief space of one mortal hour, With fearful thoughts of death, decay, and change, And the high mystery of that after birth, That comes to us, as well as to the earth. Like to a masque in ancient revelries, With mingling sound of thousand harmonies, Soft lute and viol, trumpet-blast and gong, They came along, and still they came along!

Her followed close, with wild acclaim, Her servants three: Lust, with his eye of fire, And burning lips, that tremble with desire, Pale sunken cheek:—and as he staggered by, p. Whence should they come, lady! Evil, and few, upon this darksome earth, Must be the days of all of mortal birth; Then why not mine? Sweet lady! Merciful spirit! Yet not aside From thy sad task dost thou in anger turn; But patiently, thou hast but gazed and sighed, And followed still, striving with the divine Powers of thy soul for mastery over mine; And though all line of human hope be past, Still fondly watching, hoping, to the last.

Not in our dreams, not even in our dreams, May we return to that sweet land of youth, That home of hope, of innocence, and truth, Which as we farther roam but fairer seems. But ah! Hail to thee, spirit of hope! Spirit of life! Thy breath is on the waters, and they leap From their bright winter-woven fetters free; Along the shore their sparkling billows sweep, And greet thee with a gush of melody. The air is full of music, wild and sweet, Made by the joyous waving of the trees, Wherein a thousand winged minstrels meet, And by the work-song of the early bees, In the white blossoms fondly murmuring, And founts, that in the blessed sunshine sing; p.

And showery robe, all steeped in starry dew; Hail to thee!

How passing sad! Listen, it sings again! Who shall say, Thou lone one! Lady, whom my beloved loves so well! Which I would have thee pity, but not prove. And though in this strange world where first I met thee; We meet no more—I never shall forget thee. Oh, music of the wood, the wave, the wind! And then, fare ye well! Loud wind, strong wind, where art thou blowing? Clear wave, swift wave, where art thou flowing? Young life, swift life, where art thou going? Horrible dream! Autumn is come; seest thou not in the skies, The stormy light of his fierce lurid eyes? The fainting year sees her fresh flowery wreath Shrivel in his hot grasp; his burning breath Dries the sweet water-springs that in the shade Wandering along, delicious music made.

Will my tear-laden eyes sin in revealing The agony that preys upon my soul? Oh, still and silent Night! I dream the only happiness I know. Oh, modest maiden morn! O, fair and fragrant morn! There shineth the glad sunlight of clear thought, With hope, and faith, holding communion high, Over a fragrant land with flowers wrought, Where gush the living springs of poesy; p. Therefore, this evil life, With all its gilded snares, and fair deceivings, Its wealth, its want, its pleasures, and its grievings, Nor frights, nor frets me, by its idle strife.

O thou! Oh, serious eyes! Oh, lips! Thou soulless mimicry of life!


Oh, thou dull image! When thou art with me, every sense seems dull, And all I am, or know, or feel, is thee; My soul grows faint, my veins run liquid flame, And my bewildered spirit seems to swim In eddying whirls of passion, dizzily. Oh, sunny Love! Oh, fatal Love!

Never, oh never more! Oh child! Welcome to all the woe this life awards thee!

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Oh, living soul, hail to thy narrow cage! Spirit of light, hail to thy gloomy cave! Oh, Innocence! Here I must wander, here ye may not dwell; Back to your home beyond the founts of light I see ye fly, and I am wrapt in night! Spirit, bright spirit! Shall not this weary warfare pass away?

Shall there not come a better, brighter day? Come back into the sun, and stray Upon our mossy side!

They Dance Cheek to Cheek

Oh, that I were a thing with wings! A bird, that in a May-hedge sings! Good night, love! My heart is hovering round thy dwelling-place, Good night, dear love! God bless thee with his grace! Soft lullabies the night-wind sing to thee!

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And on its wings sweet odours bring to thee! My knees are bowed, my hands are clasped in prayer— Good night, dear love!

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God keep thee in his care! Mother, mother!

Joy Upon Thy Bright Cheek Dances Joy Upon Thy Bright Cheek Dances
Joy Upon Thy Bright Cheek Dances Joy Upon Thy Bright Cheek Dances
Joy Upon Thy Bright Cheek Dances Joy Upon Thy Bright Cheek Dances
Joy Upon Thy Bright Cheek Dances Joy Upon Thy Bright Cheek Dances
Joy Upon Thy Bright Cheek Dances Joy Upon Thy Bright Cheek Dances
Joy Upon Thy Bright Cheek Dances Joy Upon Thy Bright Cheek Dances
Joy Upon Thy Bright Cheek Dances Joy Upon Thy Bright Cheek Dances
Joy Upon Thy Bright Cheek Dances Joy Upon Thy Bright Cheek Dances
Joy Upon Thy Bright Cheek Dances

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