Nueva Salsa: Recipes to Spice It Up

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Peppers and Salsas Cooking Guide

This one adds a cucumber and calls for Tabasco sauce to taste, so you can sauce it up and show everyone you don't have to compromise on flavor to eat healthy.

5 Minute Resturant-Style Blender Salsa

They're all ready to go in minutes, which is good — everyone's going to be requesting more of these. Seriously, who doesn't love avocado? It's on our list of fruits you should be eating , as it's packed full of good vitamins. It might even help you lower your cholesterol. Chopping one up into a salsa and spreading it over some chicken tacos is a great way to work one into your meal, and you should start with this recipe for an avocado salsa from Cooking Classy.

Think guacamole-meets-salsa; what could be better? They also have this recipe for serving it up over some tender grilled chicken , which is a win any night of the week. You can put it over salmon, too, like The Cookie Rookie does with their surprisingly simple avocado salsa, but you don't need to make a whole meal to enjoy this one. Take a page from the recipe book of Closet Cooking for a slightly spicy version that's perfect on tortilla chips, or take some advice from Together as Family for a mango and avocado salsa that checks every sweet-and-salty box for your late-night snack cravings.

We know what you're thinking: some family members just don't like rhubarb. It's a texture thing, for sure, and the fine dices you'll use to turn it into salsa mean you'll work around that and just be left with an amazing sweetness. It's literally like the best part of a strawberry and rhubarb pie.

You can switch things up, too, with this mango rhubarb salsa from Womanista. Try either of those, and you'll end up with generous chunks. There's nothing wrong with that, but if you're looking for something with a texture that's closer to a traditional, out-of-the-jar salsa, try this rhubarb version from the Traditional Cooking School. Plan ahead for this chunky, slightly pureed salsa, as it's best if you let it sit for a few days Don't worry, you can dig in immediately if you're feeling impatient.

Sometimes you're looking for something sweet or fruity, but sometimes, you're looking for something that'll make you really sit up and take notice of the heat. And honestly, is there anything that goes better with an ice-cold beer than some chips loaded with a super-hot salsa?

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Since we all know the store brands just don't cut it, make your own and start with this arbol chile salsa from Espresso My Kitchen. They're relatively mild as far as peppers on the Scoville Scale go, so feel free to stock up. Next, we've got the slightly hotter pequin chiles, an amazing and flavorful staple of Mexican cuisine. Get the recipe for a salsa at Mexican Please , and while you're there, check out their recipe for a hot salsa that's another step up on the scale. You'll need to be careful not just eating this one, but making it, too. They recommend wearing gloves and eye protection, and anything that calls for protective gear to make is serious stuff, indeed.

No food is as polarizing as cilantro. Either you love it or hate it and you can find out why here , but if you love it, you'll love this pineapple cilantro salsa from Homemade for Elle. Why didn't you think of this before, right?

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Cilantro is a pretty traditional ingredient, but just because you want to whip up a tomato-and-cilantro salsa, that doesn't mean you're going to be boring. Stacey Homemaker has a fun version of tomato salsa that has a lime twist, and as an added bonus, it's a one-dish, single spin of the food processor process. What's not to love? You shouldn't forget your pico de gallo, either — it's slightly different from a salsa as it's usually chunkier and it's never cooked. Check out this quick-and-easy recipe from Courtney's Sweets. Cilantro is ideal for adding a whole new dimension to so many main courses.

25 Salsa Recipes for Every Kind of Chip | Taste of Home

Laylita's Recipes has a brilliant way to do just that. Their green salsa would be amazing over any kind of taco or any kind of grilled protein Tomatillos are the key ingredient in salsa verde; according to The Kitchn , you can typically find these green tomato cousins in any store that carries a decent selection of Latin American ingredients.

Sure, you can eat them raw, but why would you when you could stir up a batch of this amazing roasted tomatillo salsa verde from Bunsen Burner Bakery? Roast up some tomatillos, some jalapenos, and a whole bunch of cherry tomatoes for a flavor that just won't quit. It's easy to spice this one up to as hot as you can stand with just the addition of some more peppers.

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Even better? Make them all. Even if you think of salsas as an appetizer, you might not think of them for dessert, so let's talk about dessert salsas that are sweet enough to hit the spot after the most filling meals. Evolving Table has served up a mixed berry salsa alongside their sopapilla chips , and you can make this idea work anytime of year.

Jen's Fresh and Spicy Salsa

Swap fruit in or out based on what's in season, select a jar of preserves to match, and you have a winning recipe. For those autumn months when there are apples all over the place, an apple pie salsa is just what you need. Frosting and a Smile has one that's all the goodness of an apple pie without the crust, and they also show you just how to make some quick and easy cinnamon chips for dipping.

They add some whipped cream, but how amazing would this warm salsa be with a healthy scoop of ice cream on the side? Then there's this light, sweet, watermelon salsa from Frugal Mom, Eh! Once you try this, no watermelon will ever go to waste again. Canning and preserving sauces is a great way to use up the bounty of the summer harvest and save some of those amazing flavors for the long winter months. Even if you've never canned anything before, salsa is a super-easy way to get started. Not all recipes are created equal, and The Hungry Bluebird has this tried-and-true fire roasted salsa that's meant for canning.

If you're intimidated, don't be. They also have step-by-step instructions for sealing your jars in boiling water, and tips on how you can tell they're definitely sealed.

You can preserve fruit salsas, too, like this peach and mango salsa from See Mom Click. Condition: New. Seller Inventory ZZN.

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Nueva Salsa: Recipes to Spice It Up Nueva Salsa: Recipes to Spice It Up
Nueva Salsa: Recipes to Spice It Up Nueva Salsa: Recipes to Spice It Up
Nueva Salsa: Recipes to Spice It Up Nueva Salsa: Recipes to Spice It Up
Nueva Salsa: Recipes to Spice It Up Nueva Salsa: Recipes to Spice It Up
Nueva Salsa: Recipes to Spice It Up Nueva Salsa: Recipes to Spice It Up
Nueva Salsa: Recipes to Spice It Up Nueva Salsa: Recipes to Spice It Up
Nueva Salsa: Recipes to Spice It Up Nueva Salsa: Recipes to Spice It Up

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