Pulmonary Function Tests in Clinical Practice

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Complete review of pulmonary function tests in clinical practice, including performance and interpretation of lung function tests with an emphasis on practical aspects. Review of polysomnographic techniques and interpretive strategies again with a practical hands-on approach.

Lung Function Tests

An integrative aproach to cardiopulmonary exercise testing with interpretive strategy. Includes case discussions illustrating key concepts.

Review From the reviews: "This comprehensive book succinctly details all areas of pulmonary function These distinctions are useful because different diseases processes and conditions affect primarily or selectively some but not all or at least not to the same degree of these groups. The evaluation of the airway function essentially refers to the direct or indirect measurement of the resistance to airflow posed by the airways. The test is performed with a forced exhalation from TLC to RV, the latter being the point when there is no more flow.

The exhaled volume is plotted against time, thus allowing its extrapolation into flow rate. Measurements are being made either on volumes exhaled in a particular unit of time e. Thus, the test provides not only a quantitative assessment of the obstruction but it can also specify which part of the tracheobronchial tree is primarily affected.

The distal portion of the curve represented by the FEF 75 and in part by the FEF 25—75 reflects the function of the small peripheral airways. Figure 7. Similarly, in Fig. The curves are very different in their proximal effort dependent limb, but they are virtually identical in their distal end that consists of the effort independent portion. As a result measurements made in the effort dependent portion of the MEFV curve should be interpreted with caution especially if there is doubt about the amount of effort the patient made.

However, there are no differences in the distal end of the MEFVC that is the effort-independent portion. Thus, a fairly accurate qualitative assessment of the nature of the problem can be often made by the visual inspection of the curves. The following patterns can be identified. The degree of concavity varies and it may involve only part or the entire length of the expiratory limb.

The small, peripheral airways are the first and more severely affected, whereas the larger airways can be relatively spared. It is important to note that the inspiratory MFVC is usually not affected in obstructive lung defects. All MEFVCs show concavity in their distal end indicating small airway obstruction but only some show significant involvement of the large airways.

In such cases the maximal inspiratory flow—volume curve is usually normal. The airway closes almost immediately after the beginning of exhalation limiting all the measured expiratory flow rates. The expiratory flow—volume curve is normal.

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Similar picture can be seen in a healthy normal individual due to closure of the vocal cords during inspiration. In such cases the obstruction is in the large intrathoracic airways e. Although fixed airway obstruction is usually due to a structural abnormality, it can be also caused by functional disorders such as vocal cord dysfunction Fig. If they can perform spirometry they produce a picture of very severe fixed airway obstruction that resolves spontaneously as soon as the patient relaxes Fig.

The fact that both the expiratory and inspiratory flow—volume curves are flattened to the same degree indicates that the obstruction is very high up in the tracheobronchial tree mid-trachea. Sercan Okutucu. Doreen DeFaria Yeh.


American Thoracic Society - Pulmonary Function Testing

Bob Yang. Said Abdallah Al-Mamari. Ondrej Dolezal. Abdul Qayyum Rana. Prateush Singh. Gabriel J. Bestselling Series. Harry Potter. Popular Features. New Releases. Free delivery worldwide. Expected to be delivered to Germany by Christmas. Description This revised and updated book provides a simplified approach to interpreting most diagnostic tests in the field of respiratory medicine.

Easy to understand and practical, it contains more than illustrated diagrams and over 50 tables with essential information that summarize the various diagnostic tests and interpretative approaches in a simple and understandable fashion. Of special note are chapters on exercise testing and diagnostic tests for sleep disorders, the latter a new and emerging field.

This new edition contains revised information based on the newest ATS guidelines.

How should spirometry results be interpreted in pulmonary function testing?

Pulmonary Function Tests in Clinical Practice Second Edition assists residents and fellows in internal medicine, pulmonology, allergology and critical care by explaining the key information obtained from lung volume measurement and increases understanding of pulmonary function tests within the modern diagnostic armamentarium. Product details Format Paperback pages Dimensions x x People who bought this also bought.

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Pulmonary Function Tests in Clinical Practice

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Pulmonary Function Tests in Clinical Practice Pulmonary Function Tests in Clinical Practice
Pulmonary Function Tests in Clinical Practice Pulmonary Function Tests in Clinical Practice
Pulmonary Function Tests in Clinical Practice Pulmonary Function Tests in Clinical Practice
Pulmonary Function Tests in Clinical Practice Pulmonary Function Tests in Clinical Practice
Pulmonary Function Tests in Clinical Practice Pulmonary Function Tests in Clinical Practice

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