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Use this opportunity to paint a picture for your boss of a world in which your deployment process is fully automated, reliable, and repeatable, so that the manual errors that caused half of your previous outages are no longer possible. Not only that, but if deployment is automated, you can also add automated tests, reducing outages further, and allowing the whole company to deploy twice as often.

And then mention that, based on your research, you believe you can deliver this future world using Terraform. And your odds get even better if you work incrementally. This is why I always get worried when I see a team try to not only adopt IaC, but to do so all at once, across a huge amount of infrastructure, across every team, and often as part of an even bigger initiative. Inevitably, two to three years later, every one of these companies is still working on the migration, the old datacenter is still running, and no one can tell whether they are really doing DevOps.

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If you want to successfully adopt IaC, or if you want to succeed at any other type of migration project, the only sane way to do it is incrementally. The key to incrementalism is not just splitting up the work into a series of small steps, but to split up the work in such a way that every step brings its own value—even if the later steps never happen.

To understand why this is so important, consider the opposite, false incrementalism. And then, finally, the last step is to do the data migration.

By professional developers for professional developers.

Only after this last step do you finally launch everything and begin realizing any value from doing all this work. Waiting until the very end of a project to get any value is a big risk. If that project is canceled or put on hold or significantly changed part way through, you might get zero value out of it, despite a lot of investment. In fact, this is exactly what happens with many large migration projects.

The project is big to begin with, and like most software projects, it takes much longer than expected. During that time, market conditions change, or the original stakeholders lose patience e. Therefore, incrementalism is essential. The best way to accomplish this is to focus on solving one, small, concrete problem at a time. That team can become your cheerleader and help convince other teams to migrate, too. Fixing the specific deployment issue can make the CEO happy and get you support to use IaC for more projects.

This will allow you to go for another quick win, and another one after that. It will happen only through a deliberate effort of getting everyone on board, providing dedicated time for team members to ramp up, and making learning resources available. Sign in.

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Get started. A guide to adopting Terraform at your company, including how to convince your boss. Yevgeniy Brikman Follow.


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I have an idea for how to reduce our outages in half. Gruntwork The Gruntwork Blog. Gruntwork Follow. Write the first response. Discover Medium. Sectoral and regional agreements pp. The Equator Principles pp. The Principles for Responsible Investment pp. Part X: Implementation pp.

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Business Ethics: Corporate Social Responsibility

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  • The Corporate Responsibility Code Book [2nd edn] The Corporate Responsibility Code Book is a guide for companies trying to understand the landscape of corporate responsibility and searching for their own, unique route towards satisfying diverse stakeholders. There is no one-size-fits-all approach.

    A company may face quite different challenges if it operates in more than one part of the world. And yet stakeholders, especially consumers and investors, are keen for some degree of comparability with which they can evaluate corporate performance.

    There are countervailing forces at work within corporate responsibility: on the one hand is the need for convergence in order to simplify the large numbers of codes and standards; and, on the other hand, the need to foster diversity and innovation. The goal of the book is to help companies select, develop and implement social and environmental codes of conduct. This book is based on interviews with the standard-setters, the implementers of standards, academics, activists and other key stakeholders from around the world; and in many cases includes the full text of the code profiled.

    Each of the standards and codes described has been shared with the promulgators of the instrument to ensure that the information is as up to date as possible. More about this publication? Submit a Paper Purchase hard copy print edition Learn More about Greenleaf Publishing Ingenta Connect is not responsible for the content or availability of external websites.

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    The Corporate Responsibility Code Book [2nd edn] The Corporate Responsibility Code Book [2nd edn]
    The Corporate Responsibility Code Book [2nd edn] The Corporate Responsibility Code Book [2nd edn]
    The Corporate Responsibility Code Book [2nd edn] The Corporate Responsibility Code Book [2nd edn]
    The Corporate Responsibility Code Book [2nd edn] The Corporate Responsibility Code Book [2nd edn]
    The Corporate Responsibility Code Book [2nd edn] The Corporate Responsibility Code Book [2nd edn]

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