White Orchid (The Catherine Jackson Trilogy Book 1)

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Un Hombre honesto y violento logra que todos los hombres de la comunidad le respeten.

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A single woman watches the last of her girlfriends tie the knot. NR 27 mins. KOCE Wed. KOCE Thur.

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KOCE Fri. In a Southern beach town, a man tries to reconnect with his estranged daughter through their shared love of music. After an atheistic neighbor has an affair with his wife, a vengeful Fundamentalist forces the man to choose between killing himself or allowing someone else to die in his place. A sorority queen enrolls in Harvard to prove to her former boyfriend that she has more than good looks.

Fired from her firm, a young Boston lawyer heads to Washington, D. KFTR Tues. A dastardly count plots to steal an inheritance from three young orphans placed in his care.

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A detective with a family hunts drug smugglers with his new partner, a loner with a death wish. AMC Mon. Los Angeles police partners take on members of a Chinese triad who are smuggling families from the mainland. Los Angeles police detectives crush a guns-to-gangs operation with a wild woman from internal affairs. An accountant leads a wild detective and his cautious partner to a South African diplomat running drugs. A flirt tells three women she will be leaving town with one of their husbands. Level 16 Katie Douglas, Celina Martin. Girls in a prison-like boarding school embark on a desperate search to uncover the awful truth behind their captivity.

A mysterious stranger embarks on a journey across Spain and through his own consciousness as he completes a task that remains outside the law. Una joven rica escapa de su casa por amar a un apostador, pero el destino la lleva hacia otro hombre.

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A teenager tries to deal with the pressures of high-school romance and friendship while dodging her overprotective mother. Audience Mon. In the mountains of Afghanistan, a squad of Taliban fighters ambushes four Navy SEALs, who are there on a mission to eliminate a high-ranking al-Qaeda operative. FXX Sun. A warden forces an ex-football star to lead fellow inmates in a game against the guards. KCOP Mon.

Maria is an alienated high school student whose life gets turned upside down when she switches places with her sinister mirror image. In the s a group of California surfers pioneers a revolutionary new style of skateboarding. An airplane hijacking leaves a diplomat and other Westerners in the Tibetan utopia Shangri-La. G 2 hrs. In Tokyo to shoot a commercial, a middle-aged actor becomes attracted to a young woman whose husband is a celebrity photographer.

A painter and singer meet on a ship and set a date to meet later atop the Empire State Building. A woman has been fostering a retired military dog as she recovers from a broken engagement. An event planner aboard a cruise ship butts heads with a rookie cruise director.

When a successful dating app creator hesitantly gets engaged, she returns to her hometown to deliver the news to her dad. Upon returning home, she crosses paths with her former flame and finds herself falling in love with him all over again. A woman down on her luck falls into a job as the assistant to a football player out on injury.

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Two single parents find themselves competing for the same dog at a school pet adoption function. A grade school teacher unwillingly finds herself falling for a widowed architect whose daughter is a new student in her class.


A helicopter mom follows her daughter to college and lands a job on campus. When she meets a charismatic professor, she learns more about herself and discovers a life of her own. An American chocolatier enters a contest to become the chocolatier for the royal family of Belgium.

An unwilling drug mule develops superhuman abilities after the synthetic substance leaks into her system. Lynyrd Skynyrd: If I Leave Here Tomorrow Rare interviews and never-before-seen archival footage offer insight into the history, myth and legend of Southern rock band Lynyrd Skynyrd. After his sworn enemy steals a nuclear warhead, a clueless soldier-of-fortune leads a skilled team on a mission to retrieve the device and bring the thief to justice. Loner lawman Mad Max fights barbarian bikers for gasoline in the wasteland of the future. Fortified in a massive, armored truck, loner Mad Max joins Imperator Furiosa and her band of rebels as they try to outrun a warlord and his henchmen in a deadly high-speed chase through the Wasteland.

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Two Scottish brothers engage in fierce sibling rivalry while battling pirates, Indians and British soldiers. A little girl develops extraordinary mental abilities, despite neglectful parents and a brutal headmistress. A maverick cop faces a supernatural battle when he descends into a dark underworld to find those who killed his family and his partner.

KWHY Thur. Attending high school for the first time, a teenager becomes friends with three popular but manipulative students. Megalodon Michael Madsen, Dominic Pace. A military vessel that is searching for an unidentified submersible finds itself face to face with a giant shark, forced to use only what is on board to defend itself from the monstrous beast.


A veteran agent and a rookie protect mankind from dangerous extraterrestrials roaming the Earth. Two interstellar agents try to stop an alien disguised as a lingerie model from destroying the world. Crime, street sense and the status quo roil the mind of a teenager in the Watts section of Los Angeles. A teen is caught in an emotional tug-of-war as she tries to deal with both her first love and an unconventional mother. Un caso que involucra a narcotraficantes y un asesinato en el Sur de Florida da un giro personal para los detectives encubiertos Sonny Crockett y Ricardo Tubbs.

Vacationing in contemporary Paris with his fiancee, an insecure writer is whisked back in time and meets Jazz Age giants of art and literature. The government and a group of religious extremists pursue a man and his son, a young boy who possesses special powers. As their relationship starts to blossom, she desperately tries to hide her condition from her unsuspecting new beau. A policeman tries to establish his innocence in a future where law enforcement can arrest killers before their crimes.

White Orchid (The Catherine Jackson Trilogy Book 1)
White Orchid (The Catherine Jackson Trilogy Book 1)
White Orchid (The Catherine Jackson Trilogy Book 1)
White Orchid (The Catherine Jackson Trilogy Book 1)
White Orchid (The Catherine Jackson Trilogy Book 1)
White Orchid (The Catherine Jackson Trilogy Book 1)
White Orchid (The Catherine Jackson Trilogy Book 1)
White Orchid (The Catherine Jackson Trilogy Book 1)
White Orchid (The Catherine Jackson Trilogy Book 1)

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