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Related Pages See All. Stand-up Comedy. Stand-Up Comedians. Comedy Vault. Prolongation of the QTc is common in patients with WS, and conservative management with medications should be considered. The potential for groundbreaking advancements in medical therapies is present in already available pharmaceutical agents; these potential therapies need to be investigated in meaningful ways.

Home Circulation Vol. View PDF. Tools Add to favorites Download citations Track citations Permissions. Jump to. Cardiovascular Disease in Williams Syndrome R. Thomas CollinsII R. Download figure Download PowerPoint. Correspondence to R. References 1.

Williams Williams Beuren syndrome: a distinct neurobehavioral disorder.

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Daniel Hale Williams and the First Successful Heart Surgery

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Parkinson's Disease, Open-Heart Surgery May Have Contributed to Robin Williams' Suicide

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Am J Med. Long-term outcomes of patients with cardiovascular abnormalities and Williams syndrome. Cardiovascular abnormalities, interventions, and long-term outcomes in infantile Williams syndrome. J Pediatr. Elastin and collagen accumulation in rabbit ascending aorta and pulmonary trunk during postnatal growth: correlation of cellular synthetic response with medial tension. Elastin: advances in molecular and cellular biology.

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A lamellar unit of aortic medial structure and function in mammals. Novel arterial pathology in mice and humans hemizygous for elastin. J Clin Invest. Salaymeh KJ, Banerjee A. Evaluation of arterial stiffness in children with Williams syndrome: does it play a role in evolving hypertension? Am Heart J. A critical role for elastin signaling in vascular morphogenesis and disease. Developmental adaptation of the mouse cardiovascular system to elastin haploinsufficiency. Generalized arteriopathy in Williams syndrome: an intravascular ultrasound study.

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Link Google Scholar Elastin is an essential determinant of arterial morphogenesis. Williams-Beuren syndrome in the Hong Kong Chinese population: retrospective study. Hong Kong Med J. Medline Google Scholar Cardiovascular manifestations in 75 patients with Williams syndrome.

J. Mark Williams, MD, FACC, FACS

J Med Genet. Williams-Beuren syndrome: a year follow-up of natural and postoperative course. Eur Heart J. Modified aortoplasty for discrete congenital supravalvular aortic stenosis. J Thorac Cardiovasc Surg. Spectrum of cardiovascular anomalies in Williams-Beuren syndrome.

Pediatr Cardiol.

Williams Heart Williams Heart
Williams Heart Williams Heart
Williams Heart Williams Heart
Williams Heart Williams Heart
Williams Heart Williams Heart
Williams Heart Williams Heart
Williams Heart Williams Heart

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