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Each individual modification had only a small effect on intelligence, but in combination they typically gave a child an I. Yet the subjects of the Gene Equality Project are not enjoying career success that is remotely comparable to the success of the New Elite, despite having received the same protocol.

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White supremacist groups have claimed that its failure shows that certain races are incapable of being improved, given that many — although by no means all — of the beneficiaries of the project were people of color. Conspiracy theorists have accused the participating geneticists of malfeasance, claiming that they pursued a secret agenda to withhold genetic enhancements from the lower classes.

Yet we continue to ignore this because it runs counter to one of the founding myths of this nation: that anyone who is smart and hardworking can get ahead.

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Our lack of hereditary titles has made it easy for people to dismiss the importance of family wealth and claim that everyone who is successful has earned it. For those who assume that the New Elite are ascending the corporate ladder purely on the basis of merit, consider that many of them are in leadership positions, but I.

Also consider that genetic height enhancement is frequently purchased by affluent parents, and the tendency to view taller individuals as more capable leaders is well documented. In a society increasingly obsessed with credentials, being genetically engineered is like having an Ivy-League M. This is not to say that the genes associated with intelligence play no role in creating successful individuals — they absolutely do.

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  5. They are an essential part of a positive feedback loop: When children demonstrate an aptitude at any activity, we reward them with more resources — equipment, private tutors, encouragement — to develop that aptitude; their genes enable them to translate those resources into improved performance, which we reward with even better resources, and the cycle continues until as adults they achieve exceptional career success.

    We are indeed witnessing the creation of a caste system, not one based on biological differences in ability, but one that uses biology as a justification to solidify existing class distinctions. It is imperative that we put an end to this, but doing so will take more than free genetic enhancements supplied by a philanthropic foundation.

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    It will require us to address structural inequalities in every aspect of our society, from housing to education to jobs. Director Regan Pretlow Brashear gives viewers much to consider and discuss. Once you see it, you will, too. Fixed was, clearly, a perfect fit. What I—and I think my students—found most valuable about the film was its introduction of the perspectives of disabled individuals. Disability is too often overlooked in the grandiose discussions of human enhancement.

    Having Regan join our class discussion was an excellent precursor to my students seeing the film.


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    Regan was able to lay out the key questions of the film in ways that helped them to begin their own processes of self-inquiry before the film continued that important work. Regan brought the key figures in the film to life for my students, helping them to appreciate the unique backgrounds that have contributed to their diverse perspectives.

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    Having these insights made my students even more open to, and invested in, the film and its message. It seamlessly weaves significant discussions about disability together in a way that is accessible to everyone, from school-age students to university scholars. It also presents an important challenge to older, discriminatory ways of thinking about disability.

    It should be seen by one and all.

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    Exploring disability and the promise and perils of human enhancement technologies. Facebook Twitter Email Book this Filmmaker. Streaming and DVD purchasing options:.

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    Writing Real Fiction: The Enhancements Writing Real Fiction: The Enhancements
    Writing Real Fiction: The Enhancements Writing Real Fiction: The Enhancements
    Writing Real Fiction: The Enhancements Writing Real Fiction: The Enhancements
    Writing Real Fiction: The Enhancements Writing Real Fiction: The Enhancements
    Writing Real Fiction: The Enhancements Writing Real Fiction: The Enhancements
    Writing Real Fiction: The Enhancements Writing Real Fiction: The Enhancements
    Writing Real Fiction: The Enhancements Writing Real Fiction: The Enhancements
    Writing Real Fiction: The Enhancements Writing Real Fiction: The Enhancements

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